Matchy Matchy Mums

There’s two things “wrong” with this outfit, but when has that ever stopped me? I had another outfit planned for this week’s coordination but when this kiku furisode arrived I knew I had to pair it up with my purple kiku obi. Normally you wouldn’t match the motif of the kimono to the obi, especially not identically stylised ones like this, but the colours and the round mums were just too perfect to pass up. I also tied the obi in niijudaiko, which isn’t a musubi you’d typically pair with furisode, but I thought it added an interesting, more mature feeling to the outfit.

Since I was on such a matchy kick, I ran with accessories that were also perfect matches to some of the colours in the kimono. This outfit definitely feels very autumnal, which also happens to be my favourite season, so of course I love the end result!

What do you think? Do you like to understand the rules but deviate from them now and again, or do you prefer to stick to what works? I think both have merit; so long as you can explain why you chose to break a rule and aren’t doing it in a formal situation or stealing the focus from someone else, sometimes it can work out really well!

Items used in this coordination



  1. I think the outfit doesn’t look matchy-matchy but rather pefectly balanced because of the white-black contrast between the kimono and obi (^_^)

    I personally don’t care much about the rules especially when it comes to matching colors or formality levels. As long as the outfit looks nice I’m good (*v*)

    • The obi is actually a dark plum, which matches the butterfly perfectly! But yes, the contrast is so well-balanced.

      I think I would be concerned about the rules going to an event where a lot of knowledgeable people might be, or a very formal event, but otherwise, I’d rather have fun.

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