Kanji search terms

The following is a list of kanji and kana (traditional and modern Japanese writing systems) for terms that would be useful to search Japanese kimono sites. If you have any suggestions for terms, corrections, or categories to add, please contact me. This is the product of a decade of self-motivated research and learning, I am by no means fluent in Japanese, so there is always a chance there may be errors in here, but I have striven to ensure accuracy.

If there are both kanji and kana commonly used for the same term (or in a few cases alternate kanji), the second search term will be in a column next to the first. Try using both terms, sometimes one will result in more hits than the other.

For a list explaining what some of these terms mean, please view the glossary

For an incredibly through list of colours, please click here

Huge thanks to the following for their contributions:
BikaBika, Kansai_Gal, Naomi, Raven