Going Bananas!

I’d been trying to abstain from buying anything new, honestly! I was just idly browsing ebay when I found this beauty. I need to learn not to Windows-shop, it just leads to me spending money I don’t have!

Basho, or banana leaf, is a bit of a weird motif. I’d associate it with summer – tropical muggy climates and whatnot, but since it’s not native to Japan I keep getting conflicting information about seasonality. It’s lined, so definitely between fall and spring. I plan to just wear the hell out if it whenever.

The leaves are yuzen-dyed in vivid shades of pink – from a deep raspberry to a pale cotton candy, with some icy blue accents, all highlighted subtly in gold. The sleeves are deliciously long, almost two feet. Taisho length, but it’s definitely a more modern piece. The lining is pale cream, with dark pink around the edges.

I’ve got no idea what I am going to pair it up with yet, but you can bet there will be photos when I figure it out!



  1. Another factor that makes cotoprare wear more difficult is the conservative/antiquated ways of some work places. Some would say that the purpose of having such strict dress codes is because fashion doesn’t really belong/matter in the work place and its to ensure conformity of brand etc. However you then loose a sense of self expression wearing the same daggy old trousers and collared shirt. I like Dog Star for work wear. Its got a nice edge without pushing the boundaries too much.

  2. Diane
    I am enjoying your incredible knowledge of kimonos. I have always loved them, yet I think I would be shy to wear one to a party unless other friends were also. This one is beautiful. I want to see more photos of you wearing them..please.

  3. What a gorgeous piece of wearable art! I can see now why you had to have it. Can’t wait to see you wearing it. 🙂

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