Hanamaru Kofurisode; in which I am a moron

It’s 32 degrees out (90 F). So what do I do, as soon as I come home and find my brand new lined synthetic kofurisode in the mail? Lovingly admire it and fold it away for cooler weather, like a sane person would? Of course not! I decided to coordinate an outfit and put it on ASAP.

I decided to pair it up with my pink and white hakata obi. This thing is like cardboard! It was a huge pain in the posterior to tie, but once I got it, it totally stayed put, which was awesome. I used my hellow shibori obiage and hakata obijime, to go with the yellow kasane-eri that was already built into the kimono. Some purple tabi tied in well with the flowers. My Aikoku Fujinkai obidome was the perfect finishing touch, it almost looks like it was made for the kimono.

And of course, my big orange lug insisted on making an appearance.

I really love how the whole outfit turned out, and I will definitely wear it out, possibly on my birthday in November when the lining and the motifs all make more sense with the weather!



  1. i just got a ko-furisode too, for my birthday. but i dont have juban, or obi or anything besides tabi. lol, what kind of obi should i get? i want to get a simple casual one that can go with it. my ko-furisode is red with a black date-eri. i wish i could get help from my former mother in law, but shes in japan T-T…..do you know of any sites that sell a casual obi that can go with my kimono?

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  3. Very pretty! I bought one too but I haven’t worn it yet due to the fact that I need a juban. I love your cat so cute.

  4. It looks great on you, what a lovely kimono. I think so too, it looks vintage on you, not furisode like, wonderful! And your cat is adorable!

  5. I love the fall colors. I think it would make a great November ensemble!

  6. Very beautiful! I love the curve in the sleeves of modern kofurisode.

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