Trip to the park in a bunny houmongi

I’m back! Sort of! I’m still not 100% better, they’re working on figuring out exactly what is wrong with me. Fun fun. However, I do have a bit more energy now, so when this adorable houmongi with french knot embroidery and a bunny arrived this morning, I decided to tackle it with gusto! I paired it up with a greeny blue fukuro obi with pinkish lavender lines and my blue and red shibori obiage and hakata obijime. A pair of gold and red zori pulled out the gold leaf accents on the kimono nicely.

Astute readers may have noticed something slightly different about my hair 😉 Being trapped inside the house on sick leave for extended periods apparently makes me do wacky things.

In case you’re wondering what my earrings are, they are turquoise Calaveras (day of the dead skulls) with roses in their eyes, from Polished Two on Etsy. They arrived this morning as well, and were the exact same colours as the embroidery on the kimono. I figured I had to wear them.

And in honour of the recently departed Gary Coleman, RIP.
What’chu talkin’ bout, Willis?

For more images, and larger versions, please check out My Flickr.



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  2. Hi Diane,
    you look very nice in your homongi, it’s really nice. I had a look on your Flickr too, lovely! It’s so fun with the parasol ^_^ Too bad I couldn’t see the embroidery clearly, but I guess I know how it looks, it’s special right?
    The whole look looks great on you, and Mommies… haha it will grow on her and by that time… you changed it ^_^
    Good luck, hope you feel better soon, at least you look great!

  3. Hi Diane,
    Glad that you are feeling better. I love your earrings and they look so good with the kimono. Take care of yourself.

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