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So as most of you know, I am a moderator over at the Immortal Geisha webforums. I do this as a labour of love, not expecting anything in return. However, every so often, the kind and wonderful community of forum members there will flabbergast me with beautiful gifts. This year marks the incredible ten-year anniversary of the forum, and in thanks, Naomi and the members secretly arranged for the moderators to get incredibly generous gift certificates with which to buy kimono.

I’d been eyeing this particular synthetic komon for a while, mainly because I thought it would coordinate perfectly with my moorish arches nagoya obi, which, until now, I’d been unable to wear. That obi was also a gift from a forum member, so it seems incredibly fitting that not only did I get to wear them together, but they look absolutely perfect together. The kimono itself is quite a strange colour; the sale photos looked grey, in indoor lighting it looks navy blue, and in sunlight it looks almost purple. Thankfully, all three of those permutations happen to look fantastic with the brick-rust colour of the obi, and the cyan accents are a near-perfect match. The lining of the kimono is even a similar rusty colour to the obi.

I paired it up with my well-loved orange and blue shibori obiage and coordinating hakata obijime, and an awesome spade obidome from ChidoriyaWorld. I thought the spade shape mirrored the arches on the obi quite nicely. My father and I headed off to the park near my house to take pictures, and we were treated to perfect weather.

We also had company in the form of this silly little squirrel, who was carrying around a napkin. Not kimono-related, but too cute not to share!

Items used in this coordination



  1. I kind of like the picture with the hat best. (After the squirrel one, of course.)

  2. Your new outfit looks so gorgeous on you! Such vibrant colors…it really fits your personality! I also love the little squirrel; it looks like it’s got a tiny red obiage in it’s mouth!

    • Thank you so much! I’m really pleased with how it all came together. I totally didn’t make the association about the squirrel, but you’re right! At first I was worried it was a balloon, actually, but once we saw it was just paper he was tearing up, we left him alone.

  3. That komon is super awesome! I’m really jealous! It’s nice to see you back in the kitsuke game, I miss always seeing your awesome ensembles and posts in general. =)

  4. I’m so glad you finally found the perfect kimono for this obi! They look fabulous together!
    Naomi~ recently posted..2012 Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival – Sunday Morning

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