Tea Time – Celadon teacup and pot

With so many selections of teas, sometimes not everyone in the house can agree on what to drink. Unfortunately, most of our teas are loose leaf, which can turn making a single cup into a bit of a hassle. Thankfully, we found an ideal solution!

There is a chain of stores called Le Rouet around the area where I live. They sell kitchen and home decor items, and are invariably always having some sort of sale. A while back I wandered in there and stumbled across these gorgeous little sets of a large mug and single-serving teapot that fits into the top of the mug. We got a couple, but the one I’ve claimed for myself was this beautiful shiny celadon green with ume (plum) blossoms across it.

It’s a good, solid set and I love the way it feels in my hands. The teapot is also excellent for keeping the tea warm – when I’m not drinking, I can put the pot back into the cup and it prevents heat from escaping.



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  2. This is a beautiful set, I love Japanese and Chinese tea!

  3. I’ve always loved those sets too, but why I haven’t bought one is because it’s too bad the teapot mostly can fit one cup of tea.
    So I’m still looking for a beautiful big ceramic teapot 😉

  4. haha that looks kinda fun but very nice! 😀 I love the idea <3 but can you really use it as a teapot? doesn't the liquid flows thru the point where the teapot and the mug joins? :/

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