Obidome converter, just about the best invention ever.

Earlier this week, Erica sent me a box full of awesome goodies, and tucked inside was this epic doohickey. I’ve wanted one for quite a while, so I was really thrilled.

Obidome are pieces of jewelry meant to be worn on the obijime. I have several, but they’re the kind of thing that are always nice to have more of – they add a wonderful finishing touch to an outfit. Unfortunately, they don’t often show up on the secondary Western market, and when they do the prices can get prohibitively expensive.

Enter the magical obidome converter. It’s basically a very thin piece of tubing with obidome hardware (two flat metal loops) attached to the back. You insert the pin part of any brooch or button through the tube, and voila, instant obidome!

Obidome Converter Obidome Converter

And here it is on a brooch.
Obidome Converter

Rather than hunting eBay and garage sales and thrift stores and hoping I may luck out and find an obidome, now I can just use all the old costume jewelry and pins I already have lying around. Yay!



  1. Just sorta wondering what happened to the photos linked to this?

    • I’m sorry! The bulk of the images on this blog used to be hosted on Flickr, until they changed their upload limits. I’ve been manually going through and updating entries and haven’t gotten to this one yet. I’ll do it first thing tomorrow 🙂

  2. Hello. I was wondering about how big is your Obidome converter? I’m fine with a general size estimate, i want to try and make my own obidome converter but i have no clue how big it would be. Thank you for your time. -Shannon
    Shannon recently posted..Yikes

  3. What’s it look like on the other side of the brooch? I’m curious to see what that brooch looks like. XD I’m glad it’ll be super handy for you!

    I have the converter myself…but no brooches/costumer jewelry for obidome! haha
    Erica recently posted..Tea forfifteen

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