Merry Christmas, dear readers!

Just a quick post to wish anyone celebrating Christmas today a wonderful holiday. If you’re not celebrating Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful holiday whenever and whatever it was, and that you have a great weekend! That lovely goof in my tree is my beloved Vinnie. He’s the only decoration we need!

I was a lucky duck and got a wonderful lobster tsuke-obi and some beautiful watercolour prints of traditional Kumadori makeup that I will be sharing soon. I actually have several gorgeous Japanese pieces of artwork I’ve received recently that I’ve been meaning to post – perhaps I’ll do an entry about them now that I finally have a bit of time off.

Did you get any wonderful kimono or related items as gifts this year? If so, what did you get! Please share in the comments 🙂



  1. Can’t wait to see the new obi! 🙂
    Jackie S. recently posted..Finally my holiday nubbins

  2. Is that a cat in your tree? Happy holidays to you too! You survived the last few days at work?
    My gifts weren’t kimono-related, but I did receive my purchases from dear Ryujiro-san. Unfortunately he forgot the put in the tatoshi… Oh well, we’ll see how he’s going to solve that 🙂
    Enjoy the next few days and all the best for New Year’s!

    • Thank you, Anne. I did survive, but not without drama. Our store was broken into on the night of the 23rd – the thief (thieves? we don’t know) threw a rock through our glass door and emptied the cash register. That was pretty upsetting. That same day I also fell off a stepstool while helping a customer. But in the end, it’s all over!

      That is indeed my cat in the tree. He is a pest, but I love him anyway.

      I hope you get your tatoshi soon, and I can’t wait to see your new items being worn!

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