Spookitsuke – Creepy Crawlies!

For today’s instalment, since we’re still a few weeks out from Halloween, I wanted to try for another thematic but still ultimately wearable outfit. Every so often I think back to this spider obi and wonder why I don’t use it more often. Then I pull it out and I remember what a complete and utter monster it is to work with. The textile itself is amazing. Soft enough to tie easily, but the rough texture that lets it keep its shape and stay put really well. However, the pattern placement is just so awkward. It’s quite rough to get one of the embroidered spiders on the front while still making sure the focus is on the otaiko area. Thankfully with a bit of fiddling and flailing and assistance from my poor, long-suffering father, I was able to get it to work! The spider haneri had to make an appearance too, of course, and this olive green komon with pink arabesques seemed like the perfect nearly-neutral foil to make sure the spiders were still the star of the show. I think they look really nice together. However, even though this kimono is actually one of the ones I own that still fit me, I can’t see myself wearing this coordination any time soon, because the obi is so frustrating.

Next week, things start to get less traditional and more costumey!

Spookitsuke October 2016

Items used in this coordination