Montreal Japanese Language Centre Spring Matsuri

Today I went to the Montreal Japanese Language Centre Spring Matsuri. Of course, I used the opportunity to wear kimono. I decided to pair up my new dusty pink iromuji with a gorgeous burnt-orange obi with irridescent pastel flowers Naomi gave me. The flowers feel like tulips to me, so it seemed appropriately spring-like. I know they’re probably something else, but shush! It was a little too warm for a haori, but too chilly for nothing, so I borrowed a cute shawl from my mother. I think I look like a dope in these, and a little rumpled, but they’re the only full shots of my outfit, so there you go.

I told my friend Nick, who I mentioned in this entry about it, and he came to meet me there along with several other friends. He wore his yukata again, and looked snazzy as always.

While there, I ran into Akane, a lovely young woman I met last summer at the O-Bon Matsuri. She’s always wearing beautiful, feminine outfits and always looks elegant and effortless. She actually remembered meeting me before, and I was quite chuffed about that! Isn’t she photogenic? Also, check out those great red high-top Chucks in the corner!

Here’s the photos of her from last summer – they were taken before I started this blog.

I also met a lovely woman named Serene and we chatted kimono for a bit. She had on a lovely komon and had a great personal style. She made her own obi, and it was adorable applique-work and I wish I’d thought to take a photo of it!

The festival itself was more like a garage sale than anything! Lots of tables with cute little things for sale. Sadly, no kimono or related items, but I did pick up a little fiction book with no relation to anything Japanese and a little handmade bag with a fish on it that I’ll probably wear with a kimono later. I also had a delicious hamburger bento, some umeboshi onigiri, and the most delicious strawberry mochi I’ve ever had, with half a fresh strawberry inside it!

Aside from the vendors, there was a great performance by Arashi Daiko and demonstrations of Aikido and Nunjutsu.

I tried to capture a video of the performance, but my phone is miserable. Watch at your own risk!

And a few photos.



  1. What a delightful blog entry! The Montreal Japanese Language Centre Spring Matsuri sounds like such a fun and colorful event, and I couldn’t help but feel the excitement as I read about your kimono ensemble and your friend Nick’s snazzy yukata. The way you described meeting Akane and Serene was heartwarming, showcasing the strong sense of community and passion for kimono culture. The photos added a nice touch, giving us a glimpse of the event and the people you encountered. The festival’s atmosphere, with its charming vendors and delicious treats, makes me wish I could have been there myself. Your friendly and engaging writing style made the experience feel personal, almost as if I were right there with you. Keep sharing your wonderful experiences, and I look forward to reading more about your adventures in the future!

  2. Very nice kimono! I happened upon your blog a while ago and enjoy seeing your kitsuke. I just attended the Seattle Cherry Blossom festival, and was curious to see if anyone else attended a similar matsuri lately. Thanks for writing about your Spring Matsuri!

  3. That color of pink is really fetching on you. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  4. Yay, we both wore iromuji for our respective Sakura Matsuri. Thanks for the compliment on my FB album!

    I love that shade of pink on you- looks very nice with your complexion and dark hair.

  5. You look as lovely as your elegant re-acquaintance. Your mom’s shawl really brings it all together too.

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