Back in the Saddle – Maybe?

So you may have noticed that even though I’ve been blogging with some regularity, I haven’t posted a photo of myself wearing a kimono in over six months now. There’s  a reason for that – hardly any of them fit me anymore. I’ve gained a significant amount of weight recently, seemingly a combination of side-effects from certain medications and water retention and a whack of other health-related problems. My health also hasn’t been stellar in the past few months, I’ve been more prone to fainting than usual, I get tired incredibly easily, and I just hurt everywhere.

But it was really frustrating me that I hadn’t worn kimono in so long, so I decided to see if I could wear this gorgeous irotomesode, at least for photos. I wouldn’t be comfortable going out in public like this since I had to jury-rig the obi and there’s barely any overlap in the front, but I do really like how well the kimono and obi work together.

How I personally look in them is another story entirely, and I fervently hope that next time I see the neurologist he tells me I am a candidate for corrective brain surgery, because I think that will help me feel a lot better and work on getting back into shape. Until then though, I think I’m going to have to stick to easy casual kitsuke with large modern komon, and take it easy.

Items used in this coordination