Diane in Taisho Furisode, 2009

Diane in Taisho Furisode, 2009

My name is Diane, I am a thirty-something woman with a passion for wearing and collecting vintage kimono. In this blog, I hope to catalogue my collection, share interesting information about special pieces, and record coordinations and outfits. If you want to know more about me, please don’t be shy to ask.

I also plan to discuss the challenges of collecting and wearing clothing made for the typical lithe Asian physique 50 to 100 years ago, when you have a western hourglass figure and are 5’10”, as well as review books I find interesting and relevant to the subject, and share tips and tricks for shopping online.

For health reasons, I don’t wear kimono nearly as frequently as I once did, but I still have a mannequin to dress, and will continue to discuss and review kimono, books, and traditional Japanese crafts. Eventually, I hope to be able to wear kimono regularly again, but until then I hope you will stick around!

Diane in modern Furisode & Hakama, 2016

Diane in Modern Furisode & Hakama, 2016

A note on the name: “suki” means a love or strong fondness, so “kimono suki” (着物 すき) can be interpreted as “kimono love”. My nickname online is Moonblossom and typically shortened to “Moony”, and moon in Japanese is “tsuki” (月), so “kimono tsuki” (着物月) is a play on that. You may also see variations of “tsuki no hana” (月の花) or “tsukihana” (月花) scattered through out which is a literal translation of “flower of moon.” The proper word for a moonflower in Japanese is “yuugao” (夕顔) but I always thought tsuki no hana sounded nicer.